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The therapy with the method by Zdenko Domančić is performed in groups, but depending on the condition or disease of each patient, it can also be performed seperately. It's advisable to have a medical diagnosis before the beginning of the treatment to watch the improvement of the patient's health.
During the therapy the patient's body is set to energetic balance, which improves the immunity and circulation.
The treatments are performed by laying hands on the diseased body parts or organs, depending on the disease, energy is added or subtracted.
This method can treat all conditions and diseases, psychical and physical, as well as sports injuries.
A very large percentage of patients with so called "incurable diseases" confirmed improvement of their health. This method of healing is no exchange to medicine, but an addition to it. There are no risks or side effects. This was scientifically proven in 1984 when Zdenko Domančić treated 120 patients with a diabetic foot. He was 100% successful, which saved many of them from an amputation. This was when Zdenko Domančić removed every doubt about the efficiency of his method.
The block therapy lasts 4 days, but can be repeated if needed. However, improvement of health and quality of life of every patient is found after the first therapy already.

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